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Ride the Wave Swinger
Ride our super spectacular Wave Swinger!
Click here to check it out.
The Giant Wheel
A midway classic for the whole family. Check out our variety of family rides.
One of a kind Attractions
We have plenty of unique, one of a kind rides such as the Eclipse. Check it out.
Now booking for 2021 and Beyond!
We are now booking for select weeks for the 2021 season and beyond. Click here for more information.
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Family Rides

Miller Spectacular Shows carries a variety of Family Rides which are designed for the entire family to enjoy. Rides such as the Giant Gondola Wheel seat up to five riders so that an entire family can ride together. Rides such as the Dizzy Dragons allow riders to sit together and also control the speed of their ride! Check out what we have to offer.

> Bear Affair

These friendly bears let you spin them as fast or slow as you want.  Adults welcome!

> Berry Go Round

The whole family can enjoy the Berry Go Round.  Riders are able to control the spin of their Berry!

> Carousel

The Carousel is a staple on our midway.  Riders can ride on one of the moving horses or stationary chariots.

> Dizzy Dragons

Riders can control the spin of these over-sized dragon shaped cars!  Adults can ride too.

> Gondola Wheel
> Mardi Gras

The Mardi Gras is a fun, two story glass house complete with mirror maze, trick mirrors and a spiral slide finish!  The Mardi Gras is suited for everyone, including mom and dad too!

> Orient Express

The Orient Express features a over-sized track size complete with spiral corkscrew.

> Scooter

Bump into your friends on the bumper cars with no drivers liscense needed.

> Super Slide

Who does''nt love a slide?  This is not no ordinary playground slide!

> Tilt-A-Whirl

A timeless classic in which riders sit in a free spinning tub that moves with the motion of the ride.

> Tornado

Control the spin of your own vehicle on the Tornado!  The ride tilts for added excitement!

> Wave Swinger

Swing high above the midway on the Wave Swinger!  This giant, spectacular swing ride rotates with a wave like motion.

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