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Ride the Wave Swinger
Ride our super spectacular Wave Swinger!
Click here to check it out.
The Giant Wheel
A midway classic for the whole family. Check out our variety of family rides.
One of a kind Attractions
We have plenty of unique, one of a kind rides such as the Eclipse. Check it out.
Now booking for 2021 and Beyond!
We are now booking for select weeks for the 2021 season and beyond. Click here for more information.
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Kiddie Rides

> Construction Zone

Riders move around the circular track on kid size front-end loaders.

> Crazy Plane

The Crazy Plane is a family friendly airplane that flies 30ft in the air

> Granny Bugs

Kids love these fun lady bugs that hop along a circular path.  Kids can sit forward or backwards.

> Jumping Star

This kid-friendly drop tower gently bounces kids with minimal thrill.

> Motorcycle Jump

Rev up your engines motorcycle fans!  These motorcycles go over jumps and pop wheelies.

> Raiders

Experience the adventures of Indiana Jones on the Raiders!  Kids climb cargo nets, go down slides, and cross two suspension bridges!

> Rally Racers

Rev up your engines on these colorful kid size ATV''s!

> Red Barron

Fly high on the Red Barron!  These kid size bi-planes raise and lower as the ride spins.

> Sky Fighter

A classic airplane rides from the 1950s that flies riders up and down.

> Speedway

Calling all race fans!  Junior racers go around the track with a whip style action.

> Super Trucks

Honk your horn on these kid sized big rigs!

> Up Up & Away

The Balloon Race is a great kids ride in which kids take part in the action by being able to spin their balloon as they ride.

> Wave Runner

Kids love our full size Wave Runners that ride up and down around a circular track!

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