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Ride the Wave Swinger
Ride our super spectacular Wave Swinger!
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The Giant Wheel
A midway classic for the whole family. Check out our variety of family rides.
One of a kind Attractions
We have plenty of unique, one of a kind rides such as the Eclipse. Check it out.
Now booking for 2021 and Beyond!
We are now booking for select weeks for the 2021 season and beyond. Click here for more information.
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Thrill Rides

> Eclipse

The Eclipse is a Miller exclusive and features a fast paced spinning motion like no other ride.

> Hi Roller

Riders sit in a train the goes around a oval shaped track.  While the train moves along the track, the track rotates in a circle!

> Locomotion

The Locomotion is a full size Super Himalaya with plenty of music, lights, and speed!

> Orbiter

The Orbiter is a high paced spinning ride that twirls riders on a 90 degree angle at speeds up to 24RPM.

> Pharaohs Fury

The Pharaohs Fury is a giant swinging ship that swings 50ft above the midway!

> Ring of Fire

The Ring of Fire takes riders upside down on a 60ft tall giant loop!  Forwards and backwards for added thrill.

> Rock Star

NEW FOR 2012 - the Rock Star is a high rising magic carpet ride that keeps riders upright at all times.

> Scrambler

The Scrambler is a timeless classic. As the center of the ride spins, the satellite spindles also spin giving riders dual action!

> Screamer

Go for a loop 50ft above the ground with your feet dangling on the Screamer!

> Spider

Free spinning tubs twirl riders around as the arms raise and lower while spinning.

> Super Shot

Riders are propelled down this 100ft tall drop tower!  Can you handle it?

> Thunder Bolt

Rock out to music on the Thunderbolt!  Riders go around a circular track, up and down the hills and valleys in free swinging tubs.

> Wipeout

The Wipeout spins riders in a circle while the center raises and lowers for added thrill!

> X-Scream

The X-Scream is a one of a kind spinning thrill ride!  As the arms rotate, the gondolas spin freely.

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